All desserts are made in-house and contain only the finest ingredients, no fake, icky stuff.

**Plated desserts are not available Monday and may not be available prior to 2pm Tues-Sun**

**the Salty Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich is not available Monday and only while supplies last**

Derby Pie:
chocolate-bourbon pecan pie w/salted caramel sauce

Clem Brûlée:
clementine creme brûlée, vanilla-brandy poached clementines, sugared rosemary, pomegranate seeds(gluten-free)

S’mores Sundae:
torched marshmallow cream, brownie, vanilla ice cream, toasted graham

Banana Parfait:
fresh banana pastry cream, chocolate cookie crumb, house-made whipped cream, caramelized banana

Salty Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich:
chocolate Chip Sea Salt cookies, vanilla icecream, rolled in bourbon caramel corn

This S#@% is Bananas:
vanilla bean cheesecake topped with warm Kraken rum soaked bananas & toasted pecan-graham crumble (only Friday & Saturday)

Chocolate-Ginger Cream Pie:
chocolate ginger cookie crumb crust, chocolate ginger liqueur custard, topped with house-made whipped cream and candied ginger (only Friday & Saturday)

Chocolate Stout Float:
vanilla ice cream, Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout

Cream Sherry, alone or poured over vanilla ice cream

Affogato al caffe:
shot of espresso, vanilla ice cream (available in a chocolate-coated waffle cone or with brownie crumble)


Sweet & Spicy Pecans and Pretzels
Spicy Pimento Cheese and Crostini
Pistachio Goat Cheese & Cranberry cheeseball with crackers
Quiche of the day

Baked Brie: warmed Brie topped with Two Chicks Ginger Pepper Jelly & toasted pecans, bread from Night Kitchen bakery*

*not available after midnight